Men:  Give Your Partner An Orgasm Whenever She Wants One!

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Sex researcher and therapist Gabrielle Moore has spent over ten years working with men and women to help them understand the female orgasm, and she's now included everything she's learned in a new website, with lots of fantastic videos, downloadable content, and advice for men and women alike.

With the help of her profoundly effective techniques you'll be able to give your female partner an orgasm every time you have sex - 100% guaranteed!

This simple, powerful information includes the easiest ways to take your partner to orgasm - which means YOU will be the ONLY man she ever wants as her lover. She'll be happier and more relaxed, and you'll have a better relationship with more sex, too. Now, isn't that worth spending a few minutes looking into?

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Clitoris Pictures

The Beauty Of The Female Form In Pictures

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A Guide To Pleasing Your Girl In Bed!

Manual masturbation happens in the early days of a sexual relationship, before oral sex and fucking start - but your hands can be used to pleasure a woman and satisfy her (bring her to orgasm) - indeed, she will find her orgasm most pleasing. Manual masturbation is very safe masturbation as there's no fluid exchange and it's a great way to learn about your what your lover likes in bed!

She Is Different To Every Other Woman

Every woman is different though they all pleasure themselves (i.e. bring themselves off ) - which means she'll already know what turns her on! Ask your lover to masturbate with you (if she's not too shy) - and you can then see what she likes. If you place your hand on hers and feel how she moves it, you will know how much pressure and speed she likes -  and where to put it.

Get her in the mood

If she's too shy to show you, take the initiative! Use both hands, and caress her breasts and stroke her thighs. Alternatively, use your lips and tongue to focus on her clitoris, and one hands for finger penetration. Start with one finger and only put two inside her when she asks you to do so!

Lube 101: A Guide to Personal Lubricant

Lube comes in various formulae, including water based, silicone and gel formulations. The application of large amounts of lubricant makes sexual stimulation more sensual and easy; which means more pleasure for her! And you can make masturbation more exciting with a vibrator for more powerful clitoral masturbation.

Stimulate her

The clitoris extends down around the vagina, and can be excited when you press her pubic mound and gently rock your hand. Other good ideas include:

1. Spreading her inner and outer labia with one hand, while keeping the ball of your hand on the clitoral glans and penetrating her with fingers from the other hand.

2. Sliding your fingers in a V-shape up and down her vulva.

3. Tapping the tips and pads of your fingers over her pubic mound and clitoris.

4. Circling your fingertips around her clitoris.

Experiment with different techniques, speeds and pressures to see what excites her the most - however, always start delicately and gradually apply more pressure - her clit may be very sensitive!

Using your fingers on a woman isn't just part of the main event - you can use it to show her how very much you love pleasuring her. And anyway, it can be a great way to excite her when you're not in the mood for sex. And if you happen to come sooner than her, you can bring her off with masturbation!


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