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How To Ejaculate During Sex

If you can't ejaculate during sex, or sex lasts for much longer than you'd like, this website has the answer: a powerful and effective way of learning to ejaculate normally, whenever you wish during sex.

In fact, this website offers you the only effective way to cure this problem that you will find on the internet. Get a treatment for male sexual dysfunction that actually works here.

Improve Your Endurance How You Can Last Longer In Bed

Even men with plenty of experience of having sex may find they come too quickly on occasion. It's almost unavoidable, simply because we appear to be genetically programmed to attain orgasm rapidly.

Consequently some men need to learn the art of lasting longer during intercourse, so that they can achieve maximum sexual pleasure for themselves and fully satisfy their lover during intercourse.

Just Before we go on, it's well worth mentioning that quick climax may also produce embarrassment, reduced sexual self- esteem, and a feeling of shame in a man, whilst the woman can feel her sexual needs are unloved and overlooked.

Some couples decide they will deal with premature ejaculation in a simple way, perhaps by ensuring that the woman has an orgasm just before lovemaking begins.

This is a reasonably useful way to deal with rapid ejaculation, but there is a drawback even if a woman has had an orgasm, she will want to enjoy the experience of intimacy and closeness that making love can provide for considerably longer than her man has the capacity to last before he reaches his ejaculation.

And men with delayed ejaculation may find that they have real trouble ejaculating. Now, difficulty ejaculating may sound like a great benefit to a man with premature ejaculation, but the reality is that it can disrupt sexual pleasure, cause serious relationship difficulties, and lower the self-esteem of both the man and his partner.

All in all, therefore, to improve the quality of your life and your relationship, both sexually and in every other way, you need to learn the art of lasting longer during sex.

The average duration of sexual intercourse is around three minutes, which is far too short a time to satisfy most women, even if they've had an orgasm before their partner enters them.

Women want to feel the man has the power to last longer in bed so that they can enjoy the sense of intimacy and connection which making love gives them.

Even so, it can be a challenge to deal with premature ejaculation. A primary reason for this is the fact that when you get into bed, and the excitement of sexual intercourse begins to mount, all the motives you had can easily be forgotten. Unfortunately each time you come prematurely, your self- esteem takes another knock.

Even so, there are some simple approaches that can help you improve your performance in bed and last much longer during sex. Here are three simple tips that you can use immediately to make a big difference to your self- control during can make.

First of all: you need to be 100 Percent committed to last longer in bed. It's no use saying that you want to prevent premature ejaculation and then forgetting your intention to do better in the excitement of lovemaking. Actions are what are important here, not what you say.

Make your mind right now that you will control premature ejaculation, either for your own pleasure or for the sake of your partner's sexual satisfaction. That's a decision that only you can take.

The second step in extending your staying power is learning to be relaxed during intercourse. Of course a lot of tension can build up in the excitement sexual intercourse, that's only natural. Unfortunately for a man, muscular tension and the signs of sexual arousal in the body, such as shallow breathing, almost always make him come more quickly than he otherwise would.

You might have noticed that if you make love in the man on top position, which requires a great deal of muscular tension on the part of the man to support his weight, you tend to ejaculate more quickly than when you're relaxed, say making love with the woman on top.

You can help prevent tension by being aware of the rhythm and pace of sexual intercourse- slow it down every time you detect your body becoming tense and your breathing becoming faster. Equally, every time you find your breathing is quick and shallow, take a deep breath, pause, and re- establish a slower rhythm.

Third: make sure that you are sensitive enough to the signals your whole body is providing you with to understand how near you are to ejaculating. Most men who experience premature ejaculation simply do not know how near they are to the point of ejaculatory inevitability when they make love. If you become more alert to your level of arousal, it is possible to slow down or stop the pace of lovemaking until your arousal has decreased.

The best way to learn how to do this is to practice during genital stimulation - use good lubricant such as olive oil and give yourself plenty of time. Bring yourself towards your orgasm again and again, but each time stop before you actually ejaculate.

As you do this, maintain a sense of how aroused you are, and ensure that you listen to the signals of your body, so that you can stop masturbating before you actually ejaculate.

The first few times you try this, you may find that it's necessary to stop long before you ejaculate; with practice, you'll be able to bring yourself much closer to the point of ejaculation and remained there for longer.

What you're aiming for is to be able to continually stimulate yourself for up to half an hour without ejaculating, possibly bringing yourself near to the point of climax four or five times before finally enjoying your orgasm.

On its own, you should find that this technique extends your ability to make love to around five minutes - but if you do something similar while you actually make love to your partner, you'll rapidly develop the ability to last much longer during sex.