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The Way To Cure Premature Ejaculation - Advice For Men

A huge number of men, all across the globe, have one thing in common ejaculation problems. Premature ejaculation is an unpleasant term because it labels the man as an inferior lover.

Let's consider it this way as an alternative: if you're able to only make love for two minutes before you ejaculate, then it is probably going to enhance things between the two of you if you learn to last longer while having sex. So here are some easy but powerful tips to help you conquer fast ejaculation.

Other difficulties which are associated with early ejaculation include things like tension inside the romantic relationship, unspoken resentment, and a need to get better sex outside the relationship. In reality, most women wish to have prolonged sexual intercourse with or without orgasm just because it enables them to feel intimate and connected to their lover.

All of which implies you really have no choice about learning to delay your orgasm if you wish to be described as a fantastic partner. As I've already said, sexual intercourse is usually a pretty short lived affair. Lovemaking that lasts for so short a time will not satisfy most women. When you learn how to last longer in bed, you will feel better as a man, and your partner will respect you more as well.

And yet, having worked with guys who have rapid climax concerns for over ten years, I know that this can be one of the most challenging problems to change. It's all too easy when you get into bed, and you're beginning to get excited, to find your intentions to control premature ejaculation simply come to nothing. That's when low self- esteem can begin to develop.

That's why I want to give you some simple advice that can help you dramatically enhance your endurance and sexual stamina. I'm going to provide you with three simple suggestions in this article which you can use immediately and should make a vast difference to your staying power.

You need to be hundred percent certain that you really want to last longer in bed. I've met a lot of men who say that they want to control it, but when they actually get into bed their good intentions quickly evaporate in the excitement of making love.

As I say, decide right now that you're going to control premature ejaculation and develop greater staying power. Do it for your partner's sake, if not your own, because when she is happier in bed, your whole relationship will improve.

The second step in the process is to learn to relax whilst you actually make love. Having sex makes the muscles of your body tighten, and your body becomes more aroused- you know this is happening when your breath becomes shallow and your breathing becomes faster.

But all of these things actually speed up your progress towards orgasm, so anything you can do to counteract them will slow you down.

And in fact it is actually possible to keep your body relaxed and slow down your breathing even when you're experiencing the pleasure of sexual intercourse. The best way to avoid tension is to keep a small section of the mind focused entirely on the level of muscle tension you happen to be experiencing, and to monitor your breathing so you can slow down and take deep breaths if necessary.

Every time you sense you're becoming tense, consciously relax your muscles; each time you notice your breathing is fast and shallow, deliberately slow it down and take regular deep breaths. They may sound like simple steps, but these two tactics will help you to last much longer during sexual intercourse.

Thirdly, you want to develop sensitivity to the signals your body provides, signals that inform you how near you are to your ejaculation. Most men who experience premature ejaculation simply do not know how near they are to the point of ejaculatory inevitability when they have sex.

Whenever you become more aware of your level of arousal, it is possible to decrease or stop the tempo of lovemaking until your arousal has fallen.

The simplest way to learn how to do this is to practice during genital stimulation - use good lubricant like essential olive oil and allow yourself a lot of time.

Repeatedly masturbate yourself to the point where you feel you might reach orgasm, but stop before you actually ejaculate.

Keep a clear sense of how aroused you are, and tune into your body so that you can stop pleasuring yourself before you actually reach climax. It won't be long before you find you have much greater ability to maintain a high level of arousal without ejaculating.

No matter how rapidly you reach the point of orgasm when you start this exercise, keep going, keep bringing yourself to the point of orgasm in backing off . Use self- discipline so you don't ejaculate, and you'll rapidly find that you can take more stimulation without ejaculating.

You should try to stimulate yourself more or less continually for 30 minutes without having an orgasm; when you do so, find out how you can increase and decrease the amount of excitement you experience, and take note of the way it feels in your body when you approach sexual climax.

That's essential information, simply because when you are enjoying sex you must know how turned on you are- and it's that sense which tells you. This is a simple technique which can extend your ability to last longer in bed. Most men who try it rapidly discover that they can last for at least 5 minutes during sex without any difficulty.

You can then use a similar technique when you're actually making love to your partner to increase your staying power even further.