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Increase Your Stamina The Way To Fight Off Premature Ejaculation

Over the years many guys have informed me that rapid ejaculation is by far their greatest sexual problem. Descriptions of premature ejaculation are not consistent, but just one thing's for sure if you are enjoying sex for only three minutes or less before you shoot, then you probably should find out how you can hold off ejaculation. This informative article presents some effective ways to let you last longer in bed.

There are many other issues that can crop up when a man regularly refuses to handle his early ejaculation: these include unspoken resentment, stress within the romantic relationship, and lack of interest in sex on the part of the woman, and perhaps even the chance of one partner having an affair.

You see, most women enjoy lovemaking for its own sake with or without orgasms, because it allows them to feel connected and close to their man.

And that simply adds up to the fact that most men really need to improve your sexual endurance and control your ejaculation. I've made the point already that for most couples, lovemaking is pretty short two or three minutes at most.

This will not gratify the majority of females. When a man makes an effort to extend his staying power, the satisfaction that both partners feel will improve the quality of life in all areas of the relationship.

Yet, having worked with men who have got quick ejaculation concerns for more than ten years, I am aware that this can be one of the most challenging concerns to change. Wrapped up in the pleasure and arousal of making love, all the good intentions which a man may have before he gets into bed are likely to go out of the window quite rapidly, and a cycle of rapid ejaculation and low self- esteem can become a downward spiral.

Having said that, when you know how to make it happen, managing early ejaculation can be easier than you ever imagined. The great thing about this information is that it is both quick and easy to apply.

First question: are you 100 % committed to last longer during sexual intercourse? It's all very well declaring that you don't like coming quickly, but we all know that the good feelings which come with a powerful sexual climax and ejaculation can be so strong that it just doesn't seem worthwhile mastering how to make love for longer.

It's what you do that counts, not what you say. This means that getting your mindset correct is important: find a good reason to last longer in bed that could be your sexual self- esteem, or your partner's pleasure. That's a decision that only you can take.

The second requirement for lasting longer during sexual intercourse is learning to relax when you make love. Now don't get me wrong, having sex is exhilarating, and so a lot of tension builds on the way to climax. The trouble is that, particularly for a man, muscular tension and excitement in the body (of which shallow breathing is the most obvious sign) speeds up progress towards orgasm dramatically.

 You might have noticed that if you make love in the man on top position, which requires a great deal of muscular tension on the part of the man to support his weight, you tend to ejaculate more quickly than when you're relaxed, say making love with the woman on top.

You can help prevent tension by being aware of the rhythm and pace of sexual intercourse- slow it down every time you detect your body becoming tense and your breathing becoming faster. Equally, every time you find your breathing is quick and shallow, take a deep breath, pause, and re- establish a slower rhythm.

Thirdly, you want to develop sensitivity to the signals your body provides, signals that inform you how near you are to your ejaculation.

Most men who experience premature ejaculation simply do not know how near they are to the point of ejaculatory inevitability when they make love. And so, when you actually have awareness of how aroused you are, you have the power to slow down the rhythm of sex or stop making love altogether until your arousal is dropped to a safe level.

Ensure that you have at least half an hour to yourself and that you will not be disturbed before beginning to masturbate with a slippery lubricant such as olive oil. Bring yourself towards your orgasm again and again, but each time stop before you actually ejaculate. Keep a clear sense of how aroused you are, and tune into your body so that you can stop pleasuring yourself before you actually reach climax.

It won't be long before you find you have much greater ability to maintain a high level of arousal without ejaculating. No matter how rapidly you reach the point of orgasm when you start this exercise, keep going, keep bringing yourself to the point of orgasm in backing off . Use self- discipline so you don't ejaculate, and you'll rapidly find that you can take more stimulation without ejaculating.

You need to aim to stimulate yourself more or less continually for around 30 minutes without ejaculating; when you do so, find out how you can increase and decrease the amount of arousal you experience, and take note of the way it feels in your body when you approach sexual climax.

That's vital knowledge, simply because when you're having sex you must know how aroused you are- and it's really that impression which tells you. On its own, you should find that this technique extends your ability to make love to around five minutes - but if you do something similar while you actually make love to your partner, you'll rapidly develop the ability to last much longer during sex.